Jeanette Doyle

Jeanette Doyle\'s practice is primarily concerned with the interrogation of a variety of stances and modes of production. In recent years there has been an investigation into the relationship between dematerialized and immaterial practices combined with a concentration on the painted image and how this has been affected by both lens based and digital technologies.

Recent exhibitions and projects include: \'Cf\' at the Research Pavilion, Venice; \'My Front Procedes Me\', The Enquiry @ The Research Pavilion, Venice; \'Your Face Follows Me\', The Enquiry @ The Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin; \'I see birds flying over the White House\' The Aesthetics Group @ The Research Pavilion Venice (all 2017). The Enquiry @IMMA, The Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin (2016); A Unique Press Conference for The European Society for Aesthetics, with \'The Aesthetics Group\', Dublin (organised by curator Kate Strain) (2015);\'Jeanette Doyle - Fresh Paintings (Dance)\', DanceHouse Ireland, Dublin 1 (2014/5); TULCA Visual Arts Festival, (Invited Artist), Galway, Ireland, (curated by Aisling Prior) (2014); \'The Producers\' a collaborative project by \'the food thing\' and \'Gracelands\' with a community garden in Dublin;\'YOUR BODY IS A BATTLEGROUND, Pristine Gallery Mexico (curated by Raul Zamudio), (both 2013) \'the food thing\' at the Liverpool Biennale (curated by Sheena Barrett) \'Factory Direct\' at The Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh (curated by Eric Shiner) (both 2012) where Doyle had been working with Ansaldo, a Pittsburgh based signaling and systems plant producing new work which was shown in the museum and off site and \'Jeanette Doyle: Fifteen Days\' also with The Warhol which functioned as a PREQUEL for \'Factory Direct\'; \'In the Future the Artist Will Say : That Object is a Work of Art\' (curated by Raul Zamudio) 3RD WARD, NY (2011); Invisible Stranger/ unsichtbare Fremde, Tamtam8 Artspace, Berlin (Curated by NuNu Hung), ART BEIJING 2010 (curated by the:artist:network, New York and Beijing) and MIGUEL AMADO PRESENTS, ISCP, New York.

In the last number of years Doyle has exhibited at the \'09 798 Beijing Biennale, (curated by the:artist:network, New York and Beijing) and \'Something Out of Nothing\', The Invisible Dog, New York, (curated by Manon Slome and Asher Remy-Toledo), \'Embedded Art Berlin\', The Berlin Art Academy; \'Preview 09\', White Box, New York; \'The Promised Land\' (curated by Blanca de la Torre and Nina Colosi), The Project Room for New Media, Chelsea Art Museum, New York; Yoesu Art Festival, South Korea (curated by Raul Zamudio); "Power, Shape", Bridge Art Center, Beijing (curated by zhao shulin and Marc hungerbuhler); \'Critical Mass\' HYCAC, Huang Yan Contemporary Art Center, Beijing (curated by the:artist:network, New York and Beijing); \'tough\' at mother\'s tankstation, Dublin; \'Spectacular\' Mexico City (curated by Raul Zamudio) and \'Art in the Life World\' Dublin (curated by Aisling Prior for Breaking Ground).

In previous years exhibitions include: \'Starline Tours\' Location One, \'Nine International Artists\' Location One, New York; \'Places\' Luxe Gallery, New York; Y Gallery, New York; at "SURGE" 798 Art Festival, Beijing and \'Dream Palace\' A-SPACE, 1ARTBASE, Beijing; \'Untitled\' (Untitled), PS1 MOMA Contemporary Art Centre, New York and \'EDGE\', Kochi Museum of Art, Japan. In 2007 Doyle also initiated a collaborative project with curator Sara Reisman, entitled \'When Art (or In What Regard)\' which exists as a blog and was available as a printed publication at FLOAT Socrates Sculpture Park, New York.

Doyle\'s work has also been shown at Dublin City Gallery, The Hugh Lane; The Crawford Municipal Art Gallery, Cork; Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts, Paris; Museum of Modern Art, Croatia; Brisbane Institute of Modern Art; Australian Centre for Contemporary Art; the ICA and Studio Voltaire, London, Temple Bar Gallery, Dublin; Limerick City Gallery of Art; City Arts Centre, Dublin; Fenderesky Gallery, Belfast and the Nordic Institute for Contemporary Art, Helsinki.